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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

April 15, 2008

For a class at our church, I am reading the book, Every Thought Captive by Richard L. Pratt, Jr.  It is basically a presuppositionalist apologetic of the Christian faith.  We have just gotten past the introductory chapters and into what I call the good stuff.  During my weekly reading, this caught my eye:

As the restored image of God, redeemed man seeks to do justice to God’s revelation in all of creation and in Scripture.  He realizes that it is not enough to know that rain is the condensation of evaporated water.  He asks what rain is and how it reveals the character and will of God.  If there were no sin, this would be no problem.  Man could simply observe the world and know God through it.  Yet, because of sin, “it is needful that another and better help be added to direct us aught to the very Creator of the universe.”¹  That better help is Scripture.  The Christian is committed to searching the Scriptures for the truths leading to the knowledge of salvation and also those truths leading to the knowledge of creation as it reveals God and His will to man.  This is not to say that the Bible becomes a textbook of natural science,as if the Christian did not need to look at the world and could merely read his Bible and arrive at scientific truth.  Instead, the Scriptures lay down general principles on which every investigation of the world must rest.  The true knowledge of rain, for instance, reveals to us the mercy of God and how God expects us to treat enemies with kindness (Matthew 5:45f).  Of course, scientific investigation into the nature of rain will intensify and clarify the Christian’s understanding of these things but true knowledge of rain is discovered by investigation resting on and governed by the Scriptures.  As a restored creature, the Christian seeks to maintain the Creator-creature distinction…and thereby gives proper place to the revelation of God.  (emphasis mine)

Do we, as Christians, really examine all of nature and life for what it reveals about our Lord’s character and will as made known to us in the Bible?  Do we see the rain and ask what it tells us about God?  We should.

¹John Calvin, Institutes, I,6,1. 

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