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Your Answer Probably Needs to Change

April 14, 2008

This weekend, Bossy Boy was working on his math lesson.  These lessons are usually a time of great struggle for us, because Bossy Boy has decided that this area–math–is where he will test our authority as parents.  He will pretend he cannot do things he has been doing all year.  He will spend 3 hours on 45 minutes of work.  Although he has known his times tables since last summer, he will pretend he cannot multiply 6 x7.  Math, in other words, is not fun for him, and it should be since it reveals the mind of our Creator.

In any case, this weekend, Bossy Boy had a problem like the one that follows:

I’ve got to tell you, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages!  When we got through laughing, my husband and I were informed that his teacher had told him to answer this way.  As a suspicious parent of a boy who has tried to pull the wool over my eyes on many occasions, I have to admit I didn’t believe him, but later, I discovered from a classmate’s parent that his teacher had indeed told the class to answer this way.  I don’t know if I am more amused or appalled, but I have chosen to enjoy the laughter.  🙂  Maybe she, too, was driven to her wit’s end!

Update:  Apparently Bossy’s teacher simply read the problem incorrectly and thought the text asked what would probably happen.  In any case, she corrected it with the children today, and my husband and I continue to get a chuckle out of Bossy’s answer.

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