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How Would You Answer?

November 2, 2007

A few months ago, one of our sons received a game from his grandparents called Kid’s Choices.  Basically, on each turn someone is given a dilemma.  That individual then has to say how he would solve the dilemma and give one of 20 listed biblical principles to support his decision.  Following his solution, the rest of the group votes on whether or not they think it is the best solution and shares why they voted for or against a solution.  If a majority vote for the solution, the person rolls the die to move forward on the game board. 

Now, let me say right off the bat that the listed principles do not always make sense, especially to younger kids.  In general, however, this has been a fun game that has fostered good family discussion.  We’ve discussed choosing the right friends, being a good friend, being kind, saying no to drugs and alcohol, how to respond to unkindness at school, etc.

Tonight, the following dilemma was presented to Sweet Pea:

Your father decides he doesn’t want to be bothered with phone calls one evening and asks you to tell callers he is not at home.  You’d rather give a truthful reason.  What would be the best message to give callers?

I immediately thought of the following answer:  “I’m sorry.  He isn’t available right now, but I can take a message for him if you’d like.”

Bossy Boy thought this would be a good answer:  “I’m sorry.  He doesn’t want to talk on the phone right now.  Can I take a message?”

But Sweet Pea’s answer, while 100% truthful, had Hubby and I rolling on the floor in laughter.  She matter-of-factly said, “I would tell him that Daddy said to say he’s not at home right now, but that’s not true.  He really is here.  He just doesn’t want to answer the phone.”

Okay, we’ve taught honesty…now we need to teach discretion (not, thankfully, that my husband would ever ask her to lie). 

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  1. November 4, 2007 11:24 am

    lol at your dd’s response.

    I would just say, he isn’t able to speak on the phone right now, but I will take a message.

    It reminds me of the time I told my gradfather (my father’s dad) that mother mother couldn’t talk on the phone because she was in the bathroom making a bunch of grunting noises. I even put the phone by the door so he could hear.

    I can’t believe I escaped that episode with my life.

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