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The Things They Say

September 17, 2007

By turns, my kids absolutely crack me up and astound me.  They are in 1st and 3rd grades and are just such a blast to be around.  I enjoy the questions and comments and interactions we share together.  I am sure every mom knows what I am talking about, but as much as I miss the baby stage, I am really enjoying the elementary years.  Here are several conversations from the last week.

On gambling after Bossy Boy’s teacher discussed it in school:

Bossy Boy:  You know those places where people give a little money and think they will get a lot of money back?

DH:  You mean, a casino?

Bossy Boy:  What’s that?

Me:  A big building where there are all kinds of games people play with money (at this point, I’m intending to explain that it doesn’t work that way when I’m suddenly cut off by the following question)

Bossy Boy:  You mean like Pa’s building?

Me:  (silence–trying not to laugh)

Me:  No, not like Pa’s building.  He doesn’t have a building.  He has a house.

Bossy Boy:  Anyway, they think they will give a little money and get a lot back.  Then, after they lose, they keep thinking, “I’ll win this time,” “I’ll win this time,” and it keeps happening and then sometimes they get hurt and lose everything and are poor.  They don’t win a lot of money. 

Me:  (thinking Bossy Boy has a pretty good grasp on this)

Bossy Boy:  But, you can win a lot of money at once.  You just have to play “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”

On potentially visiting their uncle in Tuscaloosa, AL, after overhearing me discuss it with my brother on the phone:

Bossy Boy:  Are we going to visit Uncle R?

Me:  We’re thinking about it.  I’m not sure when.  He’s checking his schedule.  But, it will be lots of fun.  He has a house there, and there is a football museum and other things to do.

Bossy Boy (excitedly):  Like roller coasters?

Me (laughing):  No, Tuscaloosa isn’t Florida.  They are not exactly known for their roller coasters.

Funny Boy (even more excitedly than his brother):  Are the ceilings painted like that guy we learned about in art?  (they just finished studying about Michaelangelo)

Me:  No honey, the ceilings in Tuscaloosa aren’t painted.

Sweet Pea (in a slightly superior tone):  Anyways, its a loooonnnnngggg way from here.

Me:  Actually, it is closer than when we go see your grandparents in Georgia…only about two hours from here.

Me:  (thinking we definitely need to go see my brother more often…after all, the kids are starting to think visiting Tuscaloosa is like visiting a major world location)

Sweet Pea on jail after hearing on the radio about someone receiving a life sentence for burglary:

Sweet Pea:  Mom, I sure wouldn’t want to go to jail.

Me:  That’s good.  I wouldn’t want to go to jail either, honey.

Sweet Pea:  You know why, Mom?

Me:  Why, Sweet Pea? (thinking we’re about to hear about how breaking the law is wrong to God or isn’t respecting our government)

Sweet Pea:  Because you have to eat what they give you.

Me:  What?

Sweet Pea:  You know, when you go to jail, you have to eat whatever they want to give you.

Me:  (trying not to laugh) That’s one reason not to go.

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  1. September 17, 2007 4:30 pm

    I’m trying real hard to think of something fun in Tuscaloosa besides the Bryant Museum….the only thing going on right now is football, of course. Your kids would definitely enjoy the Children’s Hands-On Museum. My kids love to spend the afternoon there! There are several nice playgrounds, too, when the weather permits.

  2. September 18, 2007 10:13 pm

    Very cute… don’t you wish you could wear a mic around and catch all the funny things they say when no one else is listening?? all the funny faces, too… I wish I could bottle it all up for later. So funny.

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