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Thankful Thursday

September 13, 2007

Well, another Thursday has rolled around, and I am taking the opportunity to reflect on what I am thankful for over the last few weeks.

1.  Orchestra beginning again at church.  I have missed playing an instrument in praise to the Lord.

2.  My niece attending church with us on Wednesdays.  She is having a blast in AWANA and we enjoy spending time with her.

3.  Tacos.  I really, really like Mexican food.  And tacos at home are just an easy and great tasting meal.

4.  Funny Boy’s quickly improving reading skills.  This is our child who has struggled with reading the most.  After just four and a half weeks of school, he has improved by leaps and bounds!  Thank you, TDR.

5.  A lunch date with my husband.  Recently, while my car was in the shop, I was able to enjoy some time with my husband sans children.  Even better, it wasn’t after their bedtimes at which point he is already tired. 

6.  Football.  I enjoy this time of year.  It is cooler (hey, the low 90s are good at this point), and we like to just hang out with friends and family and enjoy college football.  Go Dawgs!!

7.  Time with my Grandma last weekend.  I always enjoy seeing her, and it seems those times are getting rarer.  She is 87, so at this point, every moment seems like a blessing.  As far as I know, she is the only one who consistently prayed for me before I converted to Christ, and I have a special place in my heart for her. 

What are you thankful for this week?  Sometimes, I struggle to just think of 7 new things I am grateful for, which seems pretty unappreciative, actually.  Do you ever struggle with this?  How do we cultivate a sense of gratitude for everything, knowing that each breath in itself is a gift from God?

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  1. September 13, 2007 10:39 am

    I think it’s human nature to struggle to maintain a sense of gratitude. I know I tend to look for the bigger things, when what I need to do is “see the trees in spite of the forest,” or something like that! Mercy is all around us. Like the quote I posted today, “the ordinary days are a treasure.”
    If only I would pause long enough to look around and SEE them for what they are!
    I’m working on that.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Brit.
    They make my day a little brighter.

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