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Works for Me Wednesday: Car Ride Games/Activities

September 12, 2007


This is my first time participating in Works for Me Wednesday.  I honestly don’t know that I have that many helpful, practical things to share with you, but I figured I could at least attempt this since I have been receiving the benefit of all the ideas other WFMW bloggers have shared.

My kids and I travel for about 3o minutes each way to and from school and church.  We also occasionally make trips to see extended family and to go on vacation.  With three kids who ALL like to hear the sound of their own voices irritate their siblings by constantly interrupting and speaking over them talk, things can get rather NOISY quite quickly.  To save my sanity, we do the following:

1.  Take turns on a rotating basis to share about the school day on the ride home.  Usually, they want to tell me quite a bit, but they are pretty much required to tell me the best, the worst, the funniest, and who they played with at recess and throughout the day.

2.  Do as much oral memorization of homework (ie spelling, Scripture, history facts, math facts, skip counting, etc.) as possible on the way home.

3.  Sometimes, we play games such as “I’m going to the store today to buy an apple.”  The next person says, “I’m going to the store today to buy an apple and a bagel.”  This continues until we reach the letter Z or everyone is out because they couldn’t remember all the items already purchased.  We change this game up by saying “I’m going to the beach to see…” or “I’m going to the zoo to see…”  The possibilities are endless.

4.  Another game we play involves thinking of words that start with certain letters or consonant blends or that rhyme.  For example, I’ll say, “Funny Boy, tell me 3 words that start with sh.”   You are “out” when you can no longer think of a word on your turn.  No words can be repeated.

5.  Of course, sometimes we sing or listen to music, but after a song is interrupted for like the 300th 20th time I really have lost all interest.

6.  We listen to audio CDs such as Call of the Wild or Anne of Green Gables.  These can be found for a buck and some change at one of my favorite stores, The Doll*r Tree.

7.  When all else fails, I quite happily resort to bribes incentives, as in, “I’ll pay a nickel to the child who stays the quietest until we reach home.”  This usually works extremely well, except with my niece, who is even more entranced with the sound of her own voice than with money.  The amount of money changes depending on the distance, but a quarter is about the maximum, because my children still think that is a lot of money.  🙂

There you have it, my ideas for car rides.  To share your Works for Me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer.

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  1. September 12, 2007 10:48 am

    Okay….who knew you had so many good ideas?! I love the word game…we haven’t started playing games yet b/cuz G-tube boy is still a little young, I think….he loses his focus quickly!

  2. September 12, 2007 1:53 pm

    These are great ideas!! Thanks for the tips!

  3. September 12, 2007 3:47 pm

    Great tips! Everything in town is close, but we have two upcoming road trips–we’ll definitely be trying some of these. Welcome to WFMW!

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