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Friday Photo

September 7, 2007

Some Summer Reading

This year, a strange creature, homo sapien literatus, was spotted on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  Although it had two legs, and a family ready to play, the alpha male of this species refused to be cowed.  Recognizing his place of leadership in the hierarchy, and refusing to be undignified, he let the female entertain the young while he protected the clan through his sharp lookout for predators known to roam these waters   ability to create a barrier of sorts from those most deadly of land predators–other vacationing members of his species   growing knowledge.

Earlier, however, this same member of the species was spotted wrestling in the sand with his sons, teaching them life skills necessary to one day protect their clans.

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  1. September 7, 2007 7:31 am

    Oh the humanity!!! I am very thankful that this creature was willing to sacrifice himself for his family!!!! WAY TO GO DAD! 😉

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