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What Are We Doing With What We Learn?

August 29, 2007

The Reading Spot 

Lately, as I have been reading some posts on the Internet from professing Christians, I have been disturbed by how several of these posts seem to lack any love, edification or encouragement. While the theology is correct, and the points made are often serious ones that should provoke us to study more thoroughly, the words used to make those points have the appearance of treasuring knowledge above brotherly love.

Now, those who know me well would share with you that I am not into a “feel-good” theology.  I certainly believe we should mature as Christians, and I believe discipleship has a cost.  However, if we desire others to grow, we should encourage them not only by sharing what Scripture says but also by diligently practicing all that we are learning.  That will accomplish more than a cold toned lecture or poking fun at others accomplishes any day of the week.

I am guilty myself at times of having pride in my knowledge of certain things, but knowledge without understanding is a dangerous thing.  We should not be learning for the sake of knowledge itself.  The Pharisees attended religious schools, yet they did not recognize the Messiah.  We should be learning in order that we might grow in grace and treasure the glory of God more in our lives.  We must strive to understand what we know.

Below are wise words from one who says it better than I: 

“Seek not to grow in knowledge chiefly for the sake of applause, and to enable you to dispute with others; but seek it for the benefit of your souls, and in order to practice….Practice according to what knowledge you have. This will be the way to know more…[According to Ps. 119:100] ‘I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.'”

Jonathan Edwards

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  1. August 29, 2007 12:51 pm

    I liked your post today. I know what you mean. There are times I walk away from a conversation, book, maybe a post (!), and feel heavier, discouraged, generally “down.” It’s hard to put your finger on it sometimes, and it’s easy for me to blame myself for not “measuring up” or whatever. But what you are saying is that sometimes people with knowledge speak without grace. Remember when Jesus accused the Pharisees of putting burdens upon men’s backs, but not lifting a finger to help them carry the load?
    Some of us, myself included, tend to be quick to speak opinions and slow to take responsibility for the weight of them! 🙂 That is especially easy to do on the internet, when we cannot see the effects our words make on other people.
    It’s important to weigh our words carefully. We have to grow in grace and speak in love if we want to be like Christ.

    Thanks for the reminder today!

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