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Like Mother, Like Daughter

July 19, 2007

I am a rebel.  I never did drugs or got wild at college parties, but I have a problem with rules.  I could never have attended Pensacola Christian College or Bob Jones University.  Once, as a child, I was told to get my clothes off the middle of the floor in my room.  I did that.  I moved them to the corner.   

As a growing Christian, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have largely overcome my rebelliousness, at least in practice.  I know that God is sovereign, and whatever He says should be obeyed.  That means edifying speech, submissiveness to my husband, and respect for those in authority among other things. 

But…as the time comes for my children to start private school this fall, I am realizing that at heart, I still have difficulty yielding my opinion and authority to others, even though I am willingly doing so because I believe it is in my children’s best interest. 

At first, I was so excited about the prospect of uniforms for the kids.  Two of my children have definite ideas about what they should wear.  When my son was in first grade, we had wars over the fact that he wanted to wear jeans only (occasionally, they were all dirty). 

My daughter struggles with vanity.  She has fussed many times over not wearing something glittery or with a pretty picture, although lately she has been much better.  She wants everything to match, and that includes whether or not she should wear sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes with a particular outfit.  Mind you, she is only 5. 

We have had countless talks about the beauty God desires–the unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit.  So I thought uniforms would come as a welcome relief.  I would no longer have to make sure everything matches and is appropriate for school.  The kids would have very limited choices.  Uniforms, I thought, would prevent my children from seeing and wanting a fashionable yet immodest or inappropriate outfit that one of their friends was wearing.

However, as the time for uniform shopping has arrived, I realize that I am dismayed about not being able to pick out clothes for my kids.  Gone are the days of sweet dresses, and chic yet modest outfits.  Glittery hairbows, snazzy shoes, and pretty belts are a thing of yesterday.  Cool jeans with a hip shirt that makes my boys’ eyes sparkle brighter are no longer to be.  I will only need to buy a few afterschool/weekend outfits. 

I have tried to hide my disdain for uniforms from my daughter.  I tell myself we will simply accessorize.  I told Sweet Pea that it was going to be so easy to pick out clothes for school each morning because we have so few choices.  I oohed and ahhed over her jumper.  Still, these are the quietly spoken words I heard in the dressing room today:  “Mama, this is the worst part of going to the church school.  I don’t think I really like uniforms.  These aren’t my favorite.” 

Code for, “Maaaamaa, where’s the glitter?”

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  1. July 18, 2007 7:21 pm

    Oh how we have had the same conversations!!! I have decided that the bows will be the fun part!!! We bought quite a few from the uniform store and are in the process of finding others!!! I’ll let you know when I do!!! 😉

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