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Oh, the Funny Things They Say

June 12, 2007

A few nights ago, I got a call from my mom. “3 1/2 minutes to launch. The Space Shuttle. Turn on the T.V. Bye.” Click.

This was the first time all three of my kids were old enough and understood enough English to really enjoy watching the shuttle take off into space. There were many questions throughout. Towards the end, after I had said they were traveling to the space station, Funny Boy very seriously asked, “Mama, do they have to dress up like aliens to go there?”

Later, when we had recovered from laughing, Sweet Pea asked, “Mommy, can they breathe up there?” to which Bossy Boy replied firmly before I could answer, “They can breathe for two hours.” Really, he does think he knows everything!

We got a kick out of watching the kids’ excitement and curiosity about space travel.

Then yesterday, my heart melted when my husband told Funny Boy that “Mama is crazy” after I did something silly. Funny Boy said, “She’s not crazy. She’s just right for me.”

You tell him, Funny Boy, because we are just right for each other. 🙂

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