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Where I’m From

April 11, 2007

I am from a life in books, from Kleenex, laughter and tears.

I am from the big, open room where you dance and dream. From strong women who share everything and don’t speak for years.

I am from the dogwood trees and azaleas blossoming in spring. I am from the first daffodils and the vibrant purple thrift, the popping impatiens and unfortunately planted marigolds, the Christmas camellias and the stately beauty of an old magnolia tree.

I am from Christmas Eve dinners and magical moments, from soaking, cooling car washes with Gramps and kitchen cooking with Grandma, from the Ross’ and the Danner’s becoming the Grimes.

I am from a love of adventure and the unknown, adding family from far away places, enjoying family from whence I came.

I am from the rushing impatience and the need to prove. From the incessant chatter of a mind that always thirsts.

I am from a relationship with my Father, through my Lord, forever and ever without end. A grace so amazing, a love so freeing, a God worthy of worshipping.

I’m from the new South, but unable to forget the old, from fried okra and Mississippi Mud. Go Dawgs and Sweetwater Creek, Amacolola Falls and picnics with ribs. Lightning bugs, caterpillars, roly polies and learning to shuffle a deck.

From a determined red-haired woman who crossed rivers in a covered wagon to teach, from grandfathers whose years sacrificed were more difficult and more honorable, and yet whose vows had a strong permanence.

I am from Frances, whose discomfit never leaves at quitting school early to make a way for others, and yet, in ways, she has taught me more than Franklin ever did.

I am from traveling cross-country, camping and exploring…go west young man, never north.

I am from the warmth of the sun on the gulf coast, memories of laughter and love, flashlights and buckets, fresh gumbo and go-cart tracks closed down for the night.

I am from a place where brothers, sisters, cousins…in a word, family, is important. A tangled mass of knots at times, but strongly woven.

You can find a template to create your own “Where I’m From” poem at Fragments from Floyd.
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Jonathan permalink
    April 11, 2007 8:32 pm

    Until I saw the template, I thought you were writing lyrics for a Country Music song.

  2. Ben permalink
    April 16, 2007 9:31 am

    this is wonderful. I like it.

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