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Poost Bog Blagoslavit Vas

April 1, 2007

Many people have asked what Slava Bogu means. It means “Praise God” in Russian. It is one of the many Russian phrases we learned while spending the summer of 2005 in Ukraine. It is also probably the most important phrase we learned.

We spent 6 weeks and two days separated from our 3 year old daughter as we sought out the children God would have us adopt. While the end result made the journey worthwhile, I have to be frank in saying that after three weeks in Ukraine with the process to adopt a particular child not begun, we were somewhat discouraged. The most difficult decision of our married lives was made during that time when we visited a child that we did not have a peace about adopting. I remember weeping into the night, second guessing ourselves, and to this day remember the child frequently, praying for him as he comes to mind, although sadly, I don’t pray for him daily as I was sure I would in the intensity of that moment.

While the adoption process was discouraging, we had the pleasure of staying with a Christian lady and visiting her church several times. This was of great encouragement to us. Singing praises to our Lord in English while our brothers and sisters were singing praises in Russian was a highlight of our trip. Worshipping with people of other tribes and tongues seemed to be a glimpse of heaven. And so, declaring Slava Bogu! Praise God! reminded us of whom we had placed our hope in–the Living God who had led us thus far.

And by the way, Poost Bog Blagoslavit Vas means “May God bless you all!”

To read more about our 2005 adoption journey, visit .

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  1. EmmyJMommy permalink
    April 2, 2007 10:41 am

    Funny you should post about your adoption blog…I just went to it the other day after our lunch and skimmed through it! I am thankful that you and Jonathan were faithful to the Spirit and waited on your two boys…we adore them (and Rachel) and long to get to know them better!

  2. Paul permalink
    July 27, 2007 11:15 am

    I found your blog looking for a transcription of Slava Bogu in Russian. Glad to have found it! Glory to God!

    This is a universal Orthodox expression. Glory to God, Slava Bogu, Doxa to Theo!

  3. MaryBeth permalink
    August 28, 2007 12:24 pm

    I also praise God for the blessing of our son we adopted from Murmansk, Russia in April of 2005. Slava Bogu FOREVER! He was, He is and forever He shall be.

    What other Name has the power to save and change lives?

    God bless!!!

  4. Tom Scanlan permalink
    July 25, 2008 5:44 am

    I just returned from a missions trip to Ukraine. Slava Bogu was a phrase I learned and best expresses the theme of my trip. Thank you for your post. Praise God!

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