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Christmas 2006

January 29, 2007

The children enjoyed Christmas this year, although our goal to slow down and enjoy some days at home was not met. We enjoyed time with extended family and enjoyed celebrating our Savior’s birth, and yes, we enjoyed presents too.
Although we cut back this year on the amount of gifts we gave the children, we still had one child who couldn’t understand that Christmas was not about getting. Next year, I hope we can really help him to understand–maybe by forsaking our gifts and gladly giving to those in need.
For those who know me, it will not come as a surprise that I greatly enjoy receiving gifts. According to The Five Love Languages by Smalley and Trent, it is one of my two strongest languages. Yet this year, I did not enjoy it as much as normal. It was financially stressful to meet the expectations of extended family, and none of us really needed as much as we got. I kept thinking of the orphans we have seen overseas and the sheer desperation and neediness of their situation and felt guilt at my abundance. It isn’t that exchanging gifts is wrong, but the tradition has become more of a burden than a joy. I think I would receive greater joy from meeting a need that might allow the love of Christ to be shared and received.
For all that, I am enjoying my presents, and enjoyed the season.
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    January 29, 2007 1:00 pm

    I’ve tagged you.

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