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Real People

July 21, 2006

In another time, before I was a parent and a homemaker, I spent part of my summer in the beautiful country of Indonesia.

This week, we have heard about 546 (?–the number keeps climbing) people killed by a Tsunami there. It obviously was not as devastating as the Tsunami in 2004, and it seems as if the news blurb rushed by, with little attention given to it as we deal with war in the Middle East and tensions in North Korea, not to mention politics, the economy, and whether the U.S. has any leverage in foreign policy.

Still, we cannot forget that these are real lives…real families devastated. The children pictured above represent countless others whose lives were as a vapor. Of these 546, I have to wonder if any, even one, knew the Savior.

What are you and I doing about that? Does anyone besides me wonder if we will wake up one day and believe we have wasted our chances to be purely devoted to God, to be a difference maker?

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