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The Arrogance of Mankind

June 22, 2006

Here is an interesting article from the Baptist Press about mankind’s attempts to reinvent God according to their desires rather than as He has revealed Himself. Written by Dr. Al Mohler, the following excerpt gives a glimpse into the article:

“The doctrine of the Trinity is itself a truth revealed by God about Himself as an act of His own self-giving grace and mercy to His human creatures. He does not invite His creatures to experiment in worship by naming Him according to their own desires.”

That we should even wish to define God’s character from our own skewed desires rather than from studying what He has revealed about Himself is an act of arrogance and a glimpse into the murky waters of our hearts.

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  1. Diet Coke Mania permalink
    June 23, 2006 8:57 am

    I believe that the second “commandment” in the decalogue teaches against this re-venting of God. This reinventing of God is another example of taking the name of the LORD in vain which is prohibited in Exodus 20:7.

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