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June 18, 2006

This weekend, my husband and I had the wonderful privilege of visiting with a family that is going overseas through Wycliffe. My husband was a childhood friend of the man, but neither of us had met any of the children or ever spent quality time with the wife. How refreshing it was to meet with a couple who was willing to sacrifice all and move with six children to a part of the world that is not easy and a lifestyle that is not comfortable in order to obey God.

Our children had a delightful time playing with their children, and we had a wonderful visit with the couple. As the time drew near for them to leave, we prayed together, and I have to say that their prayers for us and encouragement to us may have been greater than our attempts to encourage them. It was encouraging to hear how God was honoring their obedience and providing for them each step of the way, albeit not always the way they had in mind. Our time with them proved to be a great reminder that as we step out in faith and ask God to do things we cannot, our faith is deepened through God’s meeting of those needs.

It also rekindled our desire to be making an eternal difference through our lives. Our prayers are with this family and their upcoming ministry as they seek to bring glory to God through changed lives.

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